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BOOK OF SECRETS  has been founded in 2018 by CARMEN and MICHAEL Bisiker ,as we discovered our life purpose was to HELP others on their journey through this life. Our MISSION AND AIM is to help people to reach their full potential in every aspect of life , to live their lives full of balance and purpose, uninhibited by limiting energies.


Certified professional Tarot reader

Reiki Grand master

Reiki Crystal Master

Reiki Animal practitioner

Chakra healing practitioner

 Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Golden Angelic Healing Teacher

Certified Professional Angelic Medium, Past Life Regression Therapist (through meditation and Akashic Records) Founder The Universal Healing of Ancient Britons  

Remote Viewer

Published Author

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Accredited Training Provider

Universal Energy of The Ancient Britons (all levels of this intuitive energy healing)

Cosmic Tarot Secrets (eLearning

/in person )- certified course 

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 Member of the International Association Of Holistic Medicine 

 Reiki Grandmaster

Dragon Energy Practitioner & Teacher  Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner  Certified International Tarot and Oracle Card Reader /Teacher



Past Life Regression Therapist 


Life Coach ( CBT & NLP ) 

Published author

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"I have just completed the first 3 levels of their training and found it a very enlightening and enjoyable experience and I am really looking forward to moving on to the next levels when the time is right."

"Lovely people Carmen and Michael...highly recommend the Angel healing "

"What a heart felt, enlightening Tarot reading with Carmen. Thank you for holding a supportive space."

"Just had a fantastic tarot reading with Carmen at Earth Energies in their new shop on jubilee square was very interesting and accurate.. her and her husband are lovely people and very accommodating, highly recommend! looking forward to our next visit."


"What an accurate and enlightening Tarot reading from Carmen today! Everything I needed today plus more. I would recommend Carmen to everyone. She is warm, kind and intuitive."

"I had a reading from Carmen recently and it was both spot on and encouraging, Carmen has a lovely warming energy and is gifted in what she does. Today I did Tarot Training with Carmen, she was an inspiring and empowering teacher who has openly shared her skills and knowledge with me, I loved the training and am looking forward to using my new skills. Thank you!"

"The owners are wonderful, they are always so kind, welcoming and helpful. I have also attended workshops here and thoroughly enjoyed it. Carmen has given me Tarot readings too and been very accurate. I would definitely recommend taking a look in the shop and any courses they hold, there is so much on offer there!"


"I would recommend Carmen's Tarot. Carmen holds a beautiful space for your reading and goes the extra mile to take you through your reading without rushing. Heart felt experience, thank you Carmen"

"I found Carmen's Tarot to be so accurate that it was 'spot on' - exemplary in all respects. The depth of detailed knowledge was incredible giving me insights and a better understanding. All was relayed to me with a gentleness and kindness which soothed and relaxed me. I am so very grateful to have had this experience with Carmen and highly recommend her. Her empathic nature was obvious and shone throughout and I did not want it to end."


Kristine Bolstridge (Cosmic Tarot Course)

I recently invested in this course and it is really good. It helps one to learn about the details in a deck - I do have a Cosmic Tarot deck, but even if I did not, the course itself teaches the details within a card to help you decipher some of the messages held within. I have been reading tarot for about a year and already feel more confident in my abilities just watching the free content that introduces you to the course. Thank you for creating this!

Helped me with my anxiety and weight loss, we had a series of sessions via zoom , and it really helped me managing anxiety. Recommen​d Carmen, nice, warm, professional , really getting to the core of my issues.

Thank you, Carmen!

I have now had two zoom sessions so far with Carmen. After the first session I felt a tremendous change in myself. Straight away I had a wonderful feeling of calmness enabling me to feel a strength within to achieve whatever I set my mind on. It really was astonishing to me that after only a couple of sessions I felt so content, calm and confident after four decades of extreme anxiety and a number of psychologists and psychiatrists who failed in bringing relief. I have a new found confidence that I can achieve whatever task I set myself. I cannot thank Carmen enough for having brought me to this state of being. A gifted lady indeed. I look forward with great enthusiasm to our next session. 

Missy Michele _ I've hand multiple readings from Michael and am very impressed. He does not just tell you what you want to hear....his readings are real. The question is......does the person asking for a reading want the truth----right?🌷

Jack Glasspool _ Missy Michele I totally agree! Fantastic reader, expectational teacher, and a incredibly compassionate man, with such a warm soul. Had many a laugh with Micheal and carmen in person and over the internet. in my humble opinion not a better duo to obtain readings from.

Tina Martin _ I got this reading from Michael and it was so amazing I went and got a second. He confirmed something I knew in my heart for 47 years. Thank You Michael.

Missy Michele _ I got my colour interpretation. It certainly makes me think about all the ways I embody/demonstrate the different qualities that are mentioned. I'm SILVER. Which is interesting because when I first met my boyfriend I was wearing lots of artsy-fartsy silver jewelry. And he said, "Why don't you wear gold?" And I said, "I like gold a lot too, but silver is more artsy and much less expensive." So Christmas came and he went to buy me a gold was the smallest thing you've ever seen!!! He said, "Yah, I'm glad you like wouldn't believe what they were charging for gold." I got silver from then on! THANKS CARMEN! (And most importantly, you spelled "Michele" with just one "L" ---even some relatives forget how to spell it.)